A LowB World

Tuesday, August 10, 2004


Do you have them?

Dreams seem so real when you are in them. But they're not, and you somehow know that you are sleeping and that the reality you see and feel are fake. It feels as though you're in a computer simulation and that, with certainty, you know that you'll be unplugged from this world and wake up.

What about nightmares? I was playing and recently finished a computer game called "doom3". You are a marine who fights off the forces of hell in mars -thats the gist of it. The game can be said to be a masterpiece, a work of art, in its portrayal of the images of blood, demons, satanic symbols, antichrist, and darkness associated with hell. I was really scared. I was awakened to how much I feared hell. I hate hell. I want to be distanced as far away from it as possible...

One night, I had the nightmare: I was in a dark, horrible area and I was so scared I couldn't move. A pale faced man (monster?) with sharp fingers was sticking his finger into my neck. Blood oozed out onto his fingers as well as flowing down my neck. I prayed and prayed to Jesus for help and then I woke up in a jerked motion with a long in-breath.

Thought I was going to die -in a sense. What if I didn't wake up. I would of died in the nightmare; and so maybe die in my sleep. Even when hell is in a dream, where waking up is possible, its terrible. Imagine the terror of hell in reality. Will it actually come to some of us when we die and face judgement from God? The only safe place to be is with Jesus when judgement day comes.

Magnificient and terrible at the same time.


What do you think?


People tend to celebrate birthdays every year until they get "old". Old is when it gets childish to think of birthdays as important. Something along the lines of "everyone's got a birthday, its not much of a big deal".

After that, birthday's are noteworthy only if they're divisible by 10. You deserve a birthday party if you reach 60 but its not such a big deal if its 58 or 59. Like in survivor, the recipient is glad to have survived to such a long age. Everyone else congratulates him/her on making it this far.

In case you havent noticed, this is all in jest. And by the way, the way birthdays are counted is tricky. If I'm 70 years old, people think its my 70th birthday but in fact it would actually be the 71st birthday. The day of birth counts as a birthday right?