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Thursday, August 12, 2004


This guy's pretty good.

Street Fighter 3rd Strike Match


Can you find it?

To be honest, I can't! But I know its there somewhere...

super size me!

The movie "super size me!" was about a guy. All the guy ate was mcdonalds for an entire month. This picture basically summarises the movie!

A LowB Story #2

Chapter 2
The small bee

“Pigs could fly, if only they exercised
more” advised the sheep to Sheepy.
”But they wouldn’t have enough lift to
support their own weight! How would
exercising help them? Fat chance, I say!”
Sheepy cried. Sheepy tried to talk them out
of it, but the sheep wouldn’t have any of

As a matter of fact, it was the time of the
year again where the sheep felt rather
excited. None of the other animals could
tell, but it was really the mating season
for the sheep. Sheepy, however, wasn’t at
all impressed by how the male sheep thought
in more daring ways in order to impress the
opposite gender. The female sheep didn’t
hold those thoughts in high regard but
nevertheless welcomed anything interesting.

Sheepy didn’t understand why would the male
sheep fancy the female sheep anyway (“They
are too hairy and don’t have enough teeth”
he thought). That wasn’t much of an issue
for sheepy because what really annoyed him
was how all the sheep enjoyed all the
daring thoughts. For what was the use of
thinking, sheepy thought, if what you
thought had no relation to what really was
or what really would happen. The sheep
paused to think about this thought but in a
while they thought about something else as
while thoughts can be logical or true, they
aren’t thought of as thoughts as much when
they aren’t attractive enough.

Day by day, as the days drew on and the
hours longer, Sheepy became more and more
withdrawn from the sheep. Sheepy often
wondered about his old life in his old
apartment. He was only a baby monster when
he climbed of his shell. It was awfully
sticky inside, he remembered, and he was
filled with a stench and mucus during those
first hours of life.

“So things written down don’t have to be
right, nor the things I think, and neither
the words animals say!” sheepy muttered to
himself grimly. Since they weren’t living
very happily nor for ever after, “All
lies!” Sheepy cried bitterly.

Out of nowhere a voice replied clearly “You
talking to meeeEEEEEE?”. “Well, I didn’t
think I was but I may perhaps rather have
been I suppose” the curious Sheepy spoke.
Then Sheepy looked around and around for
the voice until he felt dizzy and fell to
the ground. The shock of Sheepy was large
when he fell to the ground because normally
monsters didn’t lose when they went
fighting –Monsters usually win and eat the
smaller animals.

All sheepy could see was the wide expanse
of sky that sheltered cloud monsters. The
cloud monsters were fighting each other and
they wrestled each other until they turned
into bits and pieces of tiny clouds. And
then there was a black spot. This spot
moved around and around very fast and this
caught Sheepy’s attention. “Why, it’s a
bee!” cried sheepy.

“You-Youu-YouuU don’t knoOOOOOW?” cried the
small bee. Sheepy had become quite sheepy
(he behaved like a sheep) and began to
think “Now do the anatomical features of
this figure indicate a likely bee and why
was I so supri--“ when the bee cried again
“Talking to youUUU!!”. Declaratives were
much simpler to Sheepy than interrogatives
and so Sheepy replied immediately “Well
indeed you are!”. The bee was very much
satisfied by this and so kept quiet for a
while. So Sheepy told the bee about how he
got kicked out of his house by other
monsters and how he found the sheep quite
tasty –to which the bee cried “What-whattwhaaaAt!?!”.

Sheepy found the bee good company, but in a
large part only because of his grudge
against the sheep. The small bee liked to
point out things that Sheepy said already
“Of courrrrrsSEEE!” but the bee enjoyed
rebutting Sheepy whenever he felt like too.
Sometimes, Sheepy would make an innocent
point only to be dazed at finding the small
bee circuling his head and explain “No, its
noooOOOT!”. Sheepy very much looked forward
to introducing his new friend to the sheep.