A LowB World

Friday, August 13, 2004


What's the deal with the law exactly?

One time, there was this spot... Part of it was [parking allowed(PA)] and part of it was [no parking]. My car was partly in [parking allowed] but I got a parking ticket!

How does that work? If the car is 95% in PA is it ok? What about 87%, 64%, and so on... Is it a 50% thing? I don't think so, they're just illogical.

To tell you to truth, my car was like 30% in PA. I'm just sore at them for giving me a parking ticket. I'll get them back by parking illegally! haha!

Maybe not.. but its possible to think about the interpretation of the law. A hint: if you do this, you'll find that normal people think of many spots as being "illegal" but the fact is, they are actually not.

No more hints, B's secret!