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Friday, September 03, 2004

how to download using bt...

First, you download the BT windows installer from the BT download site

Then, you download a BT client such as Azureus, ABC, or Bit Tornado...
I like ABC but they will all download files successfully.

Lastly, you find BT files which you download. These are less than 1 Mb.
You find BT files at sites such as Suprnova. Click on the file you want to download it -it may take up to weeks to finish the file though. Click on search, then enter keywords in suprnova to find the file you want.

You can download legal software there -but in the case that you don't, I hereby declare that I take no responsibility for your actions :)


Why do your eyes get dry if you wear contact lens? How come they don't get dry when you don't wear contact lens... after all, your eyes still lose water from heat right?


"If you find 9, your IQ is 180."

Fat chance :P