A LowB World

Wednesday, September 08, 2004


What is it?


Cough, soar throat, asthma, back pains... All at once :(

It feels like hell. I can understand pain better -it's so much more real when you feel it yourself. One can only imagine what other pains feel like.

But the thing about pain is that once we feel it we want it cured. That's natural because once pain is felt, just about the only thing one can think of is how to get rid of the pain.

How about prevention? How come we ignore things like eating right, exercising right, sleeping right, brushing our teeth right... when they prevent pain? Is it that we do not believe that it will happen? Don't we know?

Because some pains aren't curable. I'm glad the ones I have now are temporary... but for the pains that arent, prevention is the only way.