A LowB World

Thursday, September 16, 2004

traffic solution...

Ever get frustrated traffic lights? Ever wondered what life would be like without them? Well, guess what? I've come up with an ingenious solution!

All forms of intersections requiring traffic lights could instead be solved using roundabouts. For high volume traffic, the amount of lanes in the roundabouts can be increased...

Think about it... Since, if a roundabout replaces a 4 way road that used to use traffic lights, the system would be simplified. Here (in australia, the roads are left-handed), if you want to turn right you have to wait for the 'turn right' light which takes a long time. The roundabout would provide equality in terms of roundabout entrance time... You wouldnt be penalised for turning right as entering the roundabout takes the same time.

In terms of efficiency, the forward and a backward flow of cars (i.e. a single road with 2 ways) can be applied to the roundabout system well. This is true for a two directions because the forward and backward directions in a roundabout do not cross.

There would be many more factors to consider.. but there are so many benefits. It's even simpler than the current system as it doesnt require logic, coordination, and control of traffic light systems.