A LowB World

Monday, September 27, 2004


this one time, i was driving my car in the city... after i turned a left there was a green light. as usual, i expected to slow down to the usual crowd of jaywalkers. but this time, the ones who were jaywalking were policemen. two of them, in fact.

and as i stepped on the pedal (i forget which one), they started arguing amongst each other. they caught each other jaywalking and one started to debate on his innocence while writing a fine for the other policeman. the other policeman did the same, except better.

nah -.-

what actually happened: i had to slow down because i didnt want to crash them even though i would of liked to... anyway, they jsut looked at each other and walked away really fast.

policemen, lawyers, judges... i bet they also burn cds and download music as well. B wins :P