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Tuesday, September 28, 2004

pc virus...


I should of used a antivirus program -my pc got infected...

The virus was so good, when I formated and reinstalled windows, it infected the virus scanner before it could scan it -.- (virus was on my other hd)

Had to format all -.-"

Now, i scanned new virus, but cant delete it!

This virus is:
Time Module Object Name Virus Action User Info
10/28/2004 18:26:08 PM AMON file D:\WINDOWS\system32\IEXPLORE.EXE Win32/Rbot.HO trojan NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM

It resides in the windows\system32\ folder but it ISNT internet explorer. The TRUE internet explorere executable is in program files\internet explorer
The thing is this: the antivirus program i am using (nod32) cant delete it because "access is denied"... its undeletable in windows.. how to destroy it ?!!?!? D: