A LowB World

Monday, October 04, 2004


Poor guy... words cannot express the pain that he feels. But, its funny. Definitely, im not trying to be mean. serious. Actually, it just comes to you that way. how out of the way it is, makes it absurb, makes it extraordinary...

In another way, if a friend gets jeeped... like falling into a swimming pool... that is funny as hell. Or if he walks without paying attention and walks into a pole -thatd be funny too.

When does pain get serious? When its a matter of life and death i guess. If you read that this guy actually died after this accident, itd be less funny -or not funny at all. I guess the most pain i've seen is in the movie "the passion of the christ". (a mel gibson film)

just watching it makes you feel uncomfortable. the movie was about Jesus being tortured and crucified by the way.. it was big news when the movie was released. yeah so the pain in the movie was really terrible...

pain. sometimes funny when it happens to other people -.-

pain. something we always try to avoid...

pain. why did Jesus ask for it in the movie?

pain. something that we all go through

pain. is there a maximum pain that we can feel?

pain. sometimes benefitial "no pain no gain"

pain. is it possible to have no pain in the world?


They're usually grow on your face but one appeared on my knee -.-

Can pimples appear anywhere? Can it grow in other places? How do you get rid of it? Do you squeeve it away as well -.-