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Saturday, October 09, 2004

starcraft... (edited*)

Lately I've been playing a bit of starcraft(broodwar) on battle.net with friends and stuff ...

its easy to spend too much time on it, so have to keep in control.
but the game is deep. it has many different levels:
1) micromanagement: you need to control your troops
2) macromanagement: you need to control production
3) economy: you need to expand bases
4) tactics: attack, defence, feint, diversions...
5) overall speed and control

amazingly, even though its like 6 years old, its still way popular in korea... in korea starcraft is like a sport. there are tournaments, tv shows, and so on. the players who are good are called 'gosu' (god of starcraft universe) and the players who are good enough to live off starcraft are called progamers (not programmers).

each year (since 2000 or something), the korean company samsung launches a world gaming event called the world cyber games that attracts the players with the top skills.

it is no easy to ask to win... but progamers, as i said, can live as well off as professionals such as doctors, lawyers, or programmers. their skill level is WAY above those of the average player or even gosu's. There's a program that measures APM (actions per minute) in starcraft... and to give you an idea, my APM is ~60 while the progamers have an APM of ~200... thats about 200 clicks/keypresses a minute (average)...

here's a guy called Xellos... (on the left)

He won the starcraft tournament in WCG 2003... and the prize money too!

Imagine that, earning money through playing well in a game. and as much as other university professionals. however it is NO easy task... it takes ~8hrs of training a day for these progamers. What a unique culture Korea is.

*here is the winner of starcraft in WCG2004... $25,000 us!!