A LowB World

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

stuffing up...

How come sometimes we do things even though we know it'll hurt ourselves...

Like wasting time when an assignment or exam is coming up. It feeds the huge guilt and makes us waste even more time... I did a fair amount of work yesterday though it wasnt efficient...

Similarly, why do people take excessive amounts of alcohol, drugs, or cigs?

This is totally unrelated but this kid looks like he's going to eat his own snot -.-

ewww... but so cute :)

Anyways, yeah, why do we do that?

Is there some type of enjoyment of pain that we have... are we masochists (sp)? Do we grivel in the guilt and enjoy a sense of failure?

The ultimate form of self-destruction is suicide, which I feel is too serious a subject for me to adequately discuess. Needless to say, Dont.

Some good idea has gone out of my head...... it was like the best idea in the world -.-

Here it is! I think stuffing up your life is a good thing sometimes because it shows that you dont care about it that much -and that means you're easy going. Trying to not have faults is pointless in the first place (since we all have faults) and can lead to a superiority mentality (if thats correct english).

What I want to do is try to get a little fat. It shows that I've stuffed up my little and that I don't mind others who've stuffed up. How much more friendly I'll be this way -come to fat B, who won't mind mistakes and won't judge XD