A LowB World

Friday, October 22, 2004

comfort zone...

(btw these photos are just plucked from random places)

lowB is trying to improve his relationship with other people... but you see, there are different groups of people...

I'm kind of weird -I'm good at talking to certain groups of people more than others.

I like to talk to kids and children. boys or girls..

they're easy to talk to and laugh and have fun -.-

but for me its harder to talk to teens..

im too old for that group and not cool enough -_-

my parents are always hard to talk to..!

just because the relationship isnt there, and its awkward and stuff...

but I like talking to old people, i dont know why!!

well some old people dont talk much but i dont like talking to those ones :)

Homeless people...open up so much, they talk to you about everything. It's great at SHUM(this thing I do where you give homeless people coffee and sandwiches and talk to them about Jesus)

And of course its easier to talk to boys... than girls...

I learnt today to just be myself and to treat others well -and to start conversations... with anyone and everyone...

It's important for work, for study, and ultimately for life.