A LowB World

Monday, November 08, 2004


What do you think when you look at something that is ideal...? Or something beautiful? Do you look at it in awe? Do we all wish to be ideal?

When we see something beautiful, do we worship or glorify that object -whether its conscienciously or subconsciously? Is just the presence of something like that a trigger for us?

Perhaps we all desire the ideal... The ideal partner, the ideal friend, the ideal parents, and so on... And we strive to be ideal ourselves. However, we make do without the ideal in reality. But should our ideals be ideal, and should we make efforts to strive towards it at least -whether physically, intellectually, etc.?

The characters in the images have unearthly physical beauty.. No blemishes, no wrinkles.. In fact, they are actually 3D rendered with 3DS Max and photoshop. Could you guess that?