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Tuesday, November 09, 2004

the black thing...

What is that black thing? What does it do... What the!!

Got a clue from the website, but it doesnt help much...

.:. sands .:. of .:. time .:. also employs one of the first timelines that shows time flowing from its origin at the Big Bang all the way to the present. This performance piece graphically expresses the magnitude of scale between the time elapsed (represented by the 1300 feet of beach) and the paltry 2000-plus years that we commonly consider to be of import (represented by a single grain of sand).

.:. sands .:. of .:. time .:. suggests that we should change our thinking to embrace the entire beach-length of time, instead of focusing on a single grain of sand.

Something innocent to think about... What is that black thing and what does it do? :)