A LowB World

Monday, November 15, 2004


Didnt know that some people thought alot about clothes. they know the fashions, the terms, the combinations.. everyone does I guess but some look into it more than others...

In a sense, theres a saying "its the inside that counts' so why does clothing matter. I mean different types of clothing and not whether we should wear clothes.

It just occured to me that clothes have interesting properties and these effect us during the day:

-how heavy the clothing is
-what the surface of the clothing feels to our skin
-how tight the clothing is
-how hot the clothing makes us

these things effect how easy it is to move around, how comfortable we feel. in theory, every part of what you wear would effect a lot of things, e.g.

-how free you could move around
-how sweaty you become

and so on... anyways, even though its the inside that counts, the conclusion is that we should take care of what we wear as its like hygiene. but its healthy to do this in a pragmatic manner rather than one which involves spending alot of time near the mirror.

I guess it was this picture that made me think about this recently...

you might not get it if you cant read the word, or ifyou dunno what it means -.-