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Thursday, November 18, 2004

bad korean...

They are on a roll now... I guess 2000-2010 would be a period of enormous growth for the Koreans. They've developed a huge economy. Bah I dunno what Im talking about -.-""

But in terms of games, they are mass producing online games. It used to be the Japanese who produced really cool games on Famicon/Nintendo, Snes, Playstation but now its the Koreans who are dominating the online game scene...

For example: Ragnarok online, Gunbound, Lineage 2, Maple Story...

They must be very smart! Or they play a lot of games -.-

Hmm, Koreans, Chinese, and Japanese are still asians so maybe thats part of it. I wonder why but asians are really good at games! For example, at the world cyber games, it was the Koreans who won the starcraft tournament. We just like these things. L33t -.-

Koreans are naughty as well. Look at this: bad koreans -.-""

anyone know what it says? what that cream do?