A LowB World

Friday, November 19, 2004


please read the comment in the maple story post -.-
there are the location of the secret maps! level up much faster if you use it!!!!! XD

playing too much maple story...
it is fun!

but in the online game, people who are strong or have played a lot look down on others... I was doing a party quest for the first time, and didnt know what to do. the other guy keep talking bad to B!!!! that is not nice!! stupid guy after we finish the party quest he kick me out -.-

cant people be nicer? :<

in the game and also in life, people need to just relax and have fun! even in maple, if you just concentrate on level up and dont have fun hitting monster, talking then its no fun... in life, if we only concentrate on buying things and study it is not fun as well... need to take it easy and enjoy life -while leveling up and working/study~~

lala~ stupid B!!! how come this picture look funny when you move your head?