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Monday, November 22, 2004


Man spends week on roof of adult bookstore to protest protesters

By Associated Press, 11/20/2004 15:23

SALINA, Kan. (AP) A man spent a week on the roof of one of two adult bookstores in town to protest a movement to have the stores investigated for obscenity.

Ray Morris, 38, came down from his perch on top of Behind Closed Doors on Saturday morning after staying in a tent there since the previous Saturday.

''I can't stress enough that I am not promoting porn,'' Morris said. ''I'm promoting the idea of choice. Everyone has a right to choose whether they want to enter these stores.''

Some local residents are gathering signatures in a petition drive to force a grand jury to investigate whether Behind Closed Doors and another store, Priscilla's, are promoting obscenity by selling sex products.

A similar petition drive in nearby Abilene resulted in grand jury indictments against the Lion's Den adult bookstore.

During his stint on the roof, Morris displayed a sign urging passing motorists to honk if they support his cause, but a few people also made obscene gestures toward him, he said.

Morris, a cosmetics salesman, said he wants state legislators to change the state's obscenity laws or remove them altogether.

How mild language is compared to reality -.-"