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Wednesday, November 24, 2004

hong kong!!...

I am going to Hong Kong~!! Oh no!!!!

What type of a place is it to have this girl... And look at that foreigner's face -.- very bad face -.-!!!!! And those hk people are taking photo of her too..

And what happen here!!!! it is only 8:46am, and they sleep like that!

But HK is ok because it has good food~~ haha this is good noodle shop, must go there to eat noodle :D

the other casey donovan...

MELBOURNE, Australia -- Newspaper advertisements congratulating the 16-year-old girl who won the latest "Australian Idol" competition made an embarrassing mistake -- directing fans to a gay porn Web site.

Casey Donovan won the top-rating reality television program and a record contract on Sunday night.

Telecommunications company Telstra, a major sponsor of the program, ran half-page advertisements in newspapers in Sydney and Melbourne on Monday congratulating Casey and directing fans to a Web site.

But anyone calling up the Web site will be confronted by a full frontal nude picture of an American porn star named Casey Donovan with links to sales of his gay porn DVDs and videotapes.

Telstra spokesman Craig Middleton put the gaffe down to "simple human error in the last-minute preparation of the ad."

To be fair, the gay porn star "Casey Donovan" also deserves a mention. He is still a person, and even has a book written about him -why do we judge people so much! Poor guy, they even shut down his website...

Here is a summary of his biography...

Roger Edmonson details the life of one of the most famous and beloved American gay porn stars. In 1971, gay model and actor Cal Culver went from being relatively unknown to superstardom when he appeared in the acclaimed high-brow porn movie Boys in the Sand. Rechristened Casey Donovan, he became a stage star, a world-renowned celebrity, and an idol for gay men. In 1987 Culver died of AIDS-related complications. Boy in the Sand is remarkably free from moralizing, simply presenting the reader with the everyday realities of Donovan's life, from his careers as advice columnist for Stallion magazine and hustler to his romantic pursuits. Like Charles Isherwood's critically acclaimed Wonder Bread and Ecstasy: The Life and Death of Joey Stefano, Edmonson's book is more than simply a portrait of the artist as a young stud--it's an examination of how gay-male sexuality and identity are constructed and marketed for both homosexual and mainstream audiences. --Michael Bronski

here is a review...

A detailed, absorbing look at the first gay XXX celebrity., August 6, 1999
Reviewer: A reader
BOY IN THE SAND is a much-needed look back at gay porn's first celebrity, the much-loved and still greatly missed, Casey Donovan. It's also a good overview of the growth of the gay XXX industry, and a quick, absorbing read, overall, with lots of juicy behind-the-scenes details.

Edmonson nicely details the duality of Casey's personality; he was equal parts sex pig and clean-cut boy next door. The facts of his life are all here, but I would have liked a closer, more detailed examination of his inner life. Still, relatively few authors have attempted to examine the gay adult video industry, and those who have cannot seem to resist moralizing, or snickering. Edmonson does neither, and his discretion and respect for the life and work of Casey Donovan is much appreciated.

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another review...

A Searing Emotional Tale of an Artisan, July 19, 1999
Reviewer: paul pietrzak (Buffalo, New York) - See all my reviews
I thoroughly enjoyed Boy in the Sand:Casey Donovan, All American Sex Star. In today's film industry, we see as it once was in the 1970's, a fine line between Hollywood and the Pornographic Industry with celebrities having done magazine work(such as Playboy) or pornographic work(Tanya Harding,Pamela Anderson Lee, Vince Neil, etc). Casey or Cal as different people have known him, bridged this industry even if for a few moments and will always be an Icon of the gay industry.

I found the glimpses into his life thoughtful and provoking and I believed the book achieved the genesis of Cal/Casey by showing that he was an enigma but one who felt a deep spirituality when it came to sex. I believe that he would have been pleased as to how it was written and if he was alive today would have promoted it ruthlessly and found his Star would be shining again not to mention getting many "dates" in the process!

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