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Saturday, November 27, 2004

are police dodgy?...

British cop accused of speeding by motorist he booked for same offence

LONDON (AP) - Motorist Neil Saunders was outraged when the police officer who had just booked him for speeding pulled away in his official car at well over the speed limit.

So he gave chase and administered a reproach of his own. Saunders admitted travelling at 122 kilometres an hour when the police officer pulled him over on the M-20 highway in Kent county, southeast England on Wednesday. The speed limit on freeways is 110 km/h.

But afterward, he said, the policeman accelerated to around 130 kilometres an hour when both vehicles rejoined the traffic.

"There were no flashing lights. He wasn't on an emergency call," said Saunders, who caught up with the police car near the town of Maidstone and flashed his emergency lights, causing the officer to pull over.

"He denied speeding, but I told him that I had just phoned Ashford police station to complain."

A spokesman for Kent Police confirmed that a complaint had been received about the behaviour or an officer and said the matter was being investigated.

What do people think of the police... I have thought of police as people who abuse their power... as people who are lazy, and as people who are hypocrits.

In another sense, they protect law and order in our society...