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Monday, December 06, 2004

broadcasted conversation...

In trains, buses, and places like that (where space is confined) when you speak everyone can hear. So far in HK, the conversations I overhear in these places are boring... In Sydney, people talk about many different things but in HK they only say things like "oh sit there", "oh dont play with dirty boy", etc

Then, when I talk with my relatives and friends, I talk many things -.-
So people must be listening to our conversation! Like a radio show!! You can see that everyone listening but their face is -> "-.-" or "o.o" pretending not to listen -.-

In other words, supposing my words have an effect (call this "attack"), then my attack will have splash damage. I must have done damage many people's hp in the bus and train!

But still HK's MTR (mass transit railway) is a fun place today!

1) I was standing quite close to a girl and just happened to witness... her picking her nose. The thing is she saw that I was looking at her do it.. in the middle of her picking nose procedure (her finger was in her nose still searching for things to pick)... then i look at her again and she got a funny face -.-

2) these guys suddenly argue inside mtr! they argue alot and swear at each other while everyone watched in suprise! we all pretended nothing was hapenning but eagerly awaited what they said... what they said idont totally understand and is so vulgar but here are some sample (with translation from cantonese):

A) fuck your mother!
B) fuck you, what fuck my mother is dead!!
A) fucking hell, lay her on ground already!
B) you asshole, go fucking die!
A) no fucking mum to teach you manners!!
B) go die! you no fucking manners!
A) lets see who die first!!?

It went on... in the end i think they enjoyed swearing at each other, it was like an art form. They must feel happy inside but must look angry at each other or it will be weird..