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Tuesday, December 07, 2004

kung fu soccer....

This is a tv drama in hk... and,,, how can I put it?

It's stupid!

In terms of drama, well there isnt. The direction and script is mediocre at best as the show relies on the cuteness of Twins (ah sa) and the theme of soccer to attract the audience.

(oh in addition, the soccer graphics is very fake in this drama! cant believe the foot actually kick the ball -the ball doesnt move real -.-)

Think of it this way: if you dont like ah sa or dont like soccer, you wont like this drama. A drama has to have basic strengths in terms of plot and narrative to succeed. In this case, the drama has relied on actors and a theme -pretty tacky...

It tried to be something very cool and it very well could of been but it turned out to be lame -and if you understand soccer you will like it more but everyone else must think the same as me :P