A LowB World

Friday, December 17, 2004


It is so easy to eat something in HK -there is always food around you and many different types as well. The accessibility makes eating easy.

And when you eat out with relatives, they always order or cook more than necessary...

I never thought I can get fat this easily... not as bad as the picture above but maybe 50% that fat!

It feels bad -feel stuffed and lazy and cant move that much... I want to eat less but others keep tell me eat!!

Actually the belly is the main concern for males. In most cases, the 'pass' grade for the body of a male is something like this... but dont have to do what he is doing -.-

By the way, if you go to a beach or swimming pool, everyone can see exactly how fat you are... especially for boys, who usually just wear swimmers -or boxers, with or without a t-shirt.

But what is this guy wearing? Actually, the coverage of that 'area' is similar to a swimmers but it is very ugly!!!

...>_--!!! it look repulsive!!

Maybe that is why girls need to cut nail like this... to use it in this situation -.-