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Friday, January 07, 2005

a new year of life...

Happy new year!

This is a new year of life...

Whatever that means-
This year I will have less time to write blogs. I have learnt alot about blogs: one of these things is to remember, think, and store things that you think about during the minutes that pass throughout the day. If the thought does not get processed further, it will be easily forgotten...

Imagine that! One day in your life you will have a million-dollar idea (an invention, an idea, or a concept for a story) that could change many people's life. It is at this moment that you need to pay attention and to grasp the idea and let it grow into reality.

What else...

I also read .
As a Christian it is easy to dismiss the book... but it has made me grown...

The main gist is that the Catholics have been involved in conspiracies in which they have used many immoral methods to fabricate and continuate the Bible and their version of Chrisitanity. The Holy Grail, a major theme in the book, is related to documents which threaten modern-day Christianity.

According to some, there were actually gospels written about Jesus that was the truth but these were replaced by the gospels of matthew, mark, luke and john. In addition, in the documents in the Grail are a set of teachings which were written by Jesus Christ himself, known as the Q documents. The last secret is that according to the data in the book, Jesus was married to Mary Magdeline and actually had children -and that these children survive to the current day and were protected by a secret brotherhood called the priory of sion.

It is an intelligent piece of writing and I have not absorbed it entirely but I'll outline some things I learnt!

History and Truth:

-History is not definite but is a story that is agreed upon by the most influentual party
-Parties can rewrite history by exerting their powers on other parties. Evidence can be destroyed, fabricated while human evidence can similarly be murdered or created by bribery.

#So what? What should we make of the Bible? Is it entirely infallbile? On one level, when we look at translations and the nature of linguistic information, is it technically infallible? No. And this is why pastors are trained in Greek and Hebrew...

#What about human influence... It is too? In fact, a pastor gave a talk once about Catholics and he said that the Catholics edited the Bible and that certain portions in the Bibles the Catholics used were not original. What if certain groups purposely schemed to change the Bible to suit their own purposes? It is then certainly a power struggle between the conspirators and men who seek to detect deviations from the original.

#Is it possible that God warned us about this himself? But since it is also God's will that man is allowed to act without absolute judgement till the end days, the Bible is possibly open to unauthorised editing (the Bible itself warns against this editing of itself)?

#I think the true message of Jesus Christ may be hidden or be concealed by conspirators; I find it very plausible for Jesus to have notes which were written by Jesus himself but the claim that Jesus married Mary and had children harder to believe (but why do we think Jesus cant marry? Jesus was physiologically, mentally, and psychologically a man...)

-The significance of symbolisms has a similar derivative to the historical stream. It is based in a sense of the language of symbols and the meaning of symbols can be defined by influential parties.

#For example, why do we associate the pentagram with the devil? Is there actually such a symbolic association in the Bible?


Trust God and not man...

When listening to a sermon, isnt it just wrong to accept everything the pastor says without questioning it? Can we suppose that a man to be always right? If we do not question in order to seek the truth, is Christianity at risk of being a brain-washed cult...?


We should think as we are called to use every part of ourselves... Seek truth... Many questions and thoughts but in this life we should not seek the goal as it is not attainable -instead we should always seek the way; it is the journey that is ultimately the purpose...