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Saturday, March 12, 2005

a place in the world...

There are so many things in this world...

So many things more than your family,

so many things more than your friends,

many many things more than getting married,

more things than that...

there is also our individual destinies.. to put what we are gifted with into the world...


and it has to be done in a real way,

it is crucial that this be done-

both for our self growth, our actualisation of who we can be,

and for the people around us, who live in the world- and who we may or may not know...


as an example.. suppose an isolated suburb lived with few shops...

someone's gift maybe at making money and doing business, despite the challenges of doing so...

getting over the fear of failure, fear of greed, the lack of connections, money or skills to open a shop there...

and by succeeding in opening a shop that is wanted by the isolated suburb...

the shop owner simulatenously can reach his potential as well as serve other people by providing them with a service that wasnt there before

(alternatively, the service may be opening a shop that is closer to them than before, therefore helping the suburb out in terms of convenience)


but... #@$#@! At the moment I lack the strength and even the motivation...

Lacking the power to even wake up before 10am...

I need to draw strength from...

the fact that precious time is falling away continously, and that it cant be taken back...


its easy to be swallowed up in security...

in following the comfortable path that is familiar...

but it is time to go beyond family, friends, and marriage...

not leave it behind, but to go further...

are you ready? give it all you got!!


Disturbing news
other news: http://mdn.mainichi.co.jp/waiwai/0201/020106moms.html

Do you believe it?

Classic WaiWai:

More moms going down,
to ensure grades go up!

By Michael Hoffman
Contributing Writer

Jan. 6, 2002

The story begins with Japan's obsessive exam culture. A boy's whole future can depend on the senior high school he gets into. Some mothers will do anything to make sure their junior high school sons pass the all-determining entrance exams.

Anything? Pretty nearly.

Asahi Geino hears the story of (not their real names) Meiko, 38, and her son Haruki from Kanagawa cram school director Yukio Shibagaki, who wrote a book on experiences like theirs.

Every evening at 8:00, Haruki would vanish into his room, ostensibly to study. Meiko was pleased -- until one night she caught a glimpse of him through the slightly open door and realized he was not studying but masturbating. Intrigued, she peeked into his room the following night, and the night after that. The conclusion was inescapable. At the rate he was going, he would not be ready for his tests.

"I'd better have a talk with him," she thought -- and did.

"Mom," he said, shyly but firmly, "I wanna do it with you."

"With me!" What to do? Be shocked and angry, or calm and understanding? "Let's see what your father says."

Father was surprised but kept his head. "No genital sex," he stipulated. "However, if it's just a question of making the boy feel good, I won't say no."

And so every evening Haruki's studying was prefaced by a 15-minute maternal blow job. His concentration improved; his marks soared. Everyone was happy -- except dad, whose doubts grew as time passed. Weren't things going a little too far? The chastity belt, at least, would close the last frontier.

Our first reaction is disbelief, but Shibagaki swears the story is not only true but also fairly typical, and special high school instructor Tadashi Sato, to whom Asahi Geino goes for confirmation, agrees.

"I often hear stories like that," he says. The mother-son relationship has always had rich dramatic potential; the steadily contracting nuclear family can enrich the drama to the point of deviance. "Mothers do want their children to pass those exams," says Sato. "We're not talking about just a few cases."

Nor are we talking only about 15-year-olds. Akiko (as we'll call her) is 28, her son Atsushi 12. He too faces entrance exams -- junior high school ones. The boy seemed to be studying. Why was he floundering? "Why?" Akiko asked him one day. The answer was a seeming non sequitur, but Akiko saw the point. "I want to see a woman naked."

Akiko undressed. "I'll do it again for you if you do well on your next test, OK?" He did very well.

There are endless ramifications to the sex-for-grades business, Asahi Geino discovers. Teachers too get in on the act. Some third-year junior high school teachers are not above capitalizing on the leverage they wield. Some ask for money in return for influential written recommendations. Others ask for sex. Thus Mari, 37-year-old mother of a daughter about to graduate junior high, took to visiting the girl's divorced teacher at his home. One afternoon the teacher's 14-year-old son showed up unexpectedly. "Me too!" he insisted.

And Mari obliged, says Shibagaki.


Do you know why this picture is sofa king funny? Relax... -.-


And... if you are into computers...

Subject: FW: Technical Support Required

Dear Technical Support,

18 months ago, I upgraded to Girlfriend 1.0 from DrinkingMates 4.2, which had used for years without any trouble. However, there are apparently conflicts between these two products and the only solution was to try and run Girlfriend 1.0 with the sound turned off.

To make matters worse, Girlfriend 1.0 is incompatible with several other applications, such as LadsNightOut 3.1, Football 4.5, and Playboy 6.9.

Successive versions of Girlfriend proved no better. I tried a shareware program, Slapper 2.1, but it had many bugs and left a virus in my system, forcing me to shut down completely for several weeks.

Eventually, I tried to run Girlfriend 1.2 and Girlfriend 1.0 at the same time, only to discover that when these two systems detected each other and they caused severe damage to my hardware.

I eventually upgraded to Fiancée 1.0, only to discover that this product soon had to be upgraded further to Wife 1.0. While Wife 1.0 tends to use up all my available resources, it does come bundled with FreeSexPlus and Cleanhouse2003.

Shortly after this upgrade, however, I found that Wife 1.0 could be very unstable and costly to run. Any mistakes I made were automatically stored in Wife 1.0's memory and could not be deleted. They then resurfaced months later when I had forgotten about them. Wife 1.0 also has an automatic Diary, Explorer and E-mail filter, and can, without warning, launch TurboStrop and Whinge. These latter products have no Help files, and I have to try to guess what the problem is.

Additional problems are that Wife 1.0 needs updating regularly, requiring ShoeShop Browser for new attachments and Hairstyle Express which needs to be reinstalled every other week.

Also, when Wife 1.0 attaches itself to my Audi TT hard drive, it often crashes. Wife 1.0 also comes with an irritating pop-up called MotherInLaw, which can't be turned off.

Recently I've been tempted to install Mistress 2003, but there could be problems. A friend of mine has alerted me to the fact that if Wife 1.0 detects Mistress 2003, it tends to delete all of your Money before uninstalling itself.

Please help… ?