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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

habits to grow...

When you go on a trip, camp, or something like that, you tend to get out of it differently. You sort of realise how much time has past -its sort of like a refresh of your life..

Anyways, good habits are necessary to move your life towards what you want to achieve or become..

For me...

1) energy/concentration when driving
when you are tired, it really is quite dangerous.. i was so buggered i kept closing my eyes, then the car swerved a little until it hit that line and i heard the sound -.- next time i wont drive if so sleepy -.- its all fin. if you're dead right?

2) hygiene
need to shower better -.- too many dandruff
and.. dress a little less messy too -.-

3) improve conversation
*casual conversation, just talk, but not seriously, comfortably, etc
*funny conversation, friendly type, humor that the other guy will understand, etc
*group conversation, -.-
*deep conversation, -.-
*kids conversation, -.-
*kind conversation, talk to people with problems, even though it is less fun
-.- lazy to type more

4) work attitude
need to keep in mind that we need to be useful people..
have to do things everyday, and dont waste time la -.-

5) keep healthy
to get more energy to do things

6) learn different love language
love language= different types of expression of love
>kind words
>quality time
everyone likes a different kind more so you should give them what they want -.- and which do you want? you can also change your taste for them.
haha, kind words is easiest to do.. it doesnt cost that much time or money $$