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Monday, April 04, 2005

four levels of self...

Here is the concept...

Level 1: Child
Everyone was once a child yes? We all have that experience and retain not only the experience but the personality and character traits from that period.. This is really the roots of us.

Not only that, since we have been children before, if we have the memory, we can regenerate positive traits from this period.. such as innocence (that can decrease our tendency to be prejudiced and increase our tendency to talk to people we dont know).

We can heighten our sensitivity to happiness (and also sadness?) in this way also; as adults/independents can lost the ability to feel happy from little things (such as eating ice cream)..

but this picture looks a little scary?

Level 2: Independent

What you are now, probably...

Level 3: Adult

.....Wisdom, caring for others, etc..

Level 4: Superhero

To protect peace in the world... or to live for God... or, if it is bad, to destroy the world!!!


Anyway, I think it is fun to be level_1... and just enjoy life as a kid with kids -.-
It is just simple and not complicated to hold a kids hand and point at tall trees and buildings, haha