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Thursday, April 07, 2005

next level of networking...

topic 1: about interviews

I learnt so much about interview... and just before my one at 3pm!! I bought the book at 1pm and read it on the train, then learnt so many things...... then went in interview and did very well!!

This is the book I read, I really recommend it! But is it in other languages?

Selected tips in the book..

a) try and keep the conversation 50-50
you talking too much = you dont concentrate on the organisations needs
you talking too little = you keep your details secret and not being open

b) keep your responses between 20sec and 2min
too long = boring and also talking too much(ref. point a)
too short = not informative enough

c) research the organisation beforehand
never go in interview and ask "what does this company do?" -.-

d) after the interview, write a thank you note to the people who interviewed you
that shows your professionalism with the follow up. also, no one else does this and it makes you stand out from the crowd!

topic 2: networking skills

We live in an information age where knowledge is power right?

But knowledge isnt just gained from reading, skills, and experience... it can be gained from networks! (i.e. people you know). All sorts of things can be done through this: e.g. you need a fridge, then you can ask anyone if they have a spare fridge.. if they dont, maybe they know someone who does, or they know someone who knows someone who does... etc..

Basic skills of talking to new people are also important.. this is just stuff like being relaxed, being friendly, showing interest, genuinely connecting, and most importantly, talking to others in order to make themselves comfortable. The next level of networking, if you have already achieved the preformentioned points, is to facilitate conversations between others who are less comfortable with talking... This requires you to have a level of maturity in which you arent self-conscious/self-absorbed because you have to thinking of others!

Other pointers is to engage but not dominate (e.g. give feedback, watch body language)..

On another level, another new level of networking involves getting organised and writing down details about people you know in a book/file. E.g. write down a friends name with his/her interests, names of friends and family... Then in christmastime, send a christmas card which talks about things you have in common and stuff like that... you can do that for not just close friends but distant friends too -.-

Thats alot of information... It may be a mistake to force yourself outside your comfort zone too much, as you are yourself and there are limits. But the point that everyone can take is that we can experiment, learn, and grow...

The sky's the limit, haha... I copied it -.-

Stupid sky... I mean stupid limit~