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Thursday, April 14, 2005

unemployment is gone!!

Now that I got the job I applied for, im no longer unemployed!! -.-'' Unemployment, in retrospect, was a really good thing for me though. I was unemployed for ~4months and in that time I got to know alot more about who I was, what my mission in life was, and how I can achieve my mission!

*mission= your meaning in life, why you exist...

Anyways, some topics...

topic #1 , making kids

someone said to me something stupid.. after I said I got job, he said:
"all you got to do is get gf and make babies"

so the topic is making kids... but not how to make kids!!!

anyways, do you ever think about who you want to go out with? mostly, you choose someone because you have feelings or because they are pretty (or hot)..

but if you are making kids, should you also think:
"would that boy/girl make a good father/mother?"

This point, to me at least, is very important!! Your future family isnt just you and your wife/husband, there are also kids...

So skills such as patience, cooking, cleaning, knowing how to play with kids, teaching, etc. are important -.-'' dont just choose your mate out of looks/love -.-''

topic #2 , thinking about money

most people I know are very stingy about money...

but I also agree with them.. you know, if you save an extra dollar, you can save/invest it and in the future, you will earn $0.10 per year, and it keep increase... so the more you save, the more you will have in the future... so! you want to save as much as you want, yes?

but!! you have to ask "what is the point of saving money?"

the answer: "to spend it!"

but also: "to spend it on whom?"

the answer: "to spend it on friends and family"

then... i think it is worthwhile to spend money usefully towards friends and family without thinking about that much..--

if you keep thinking about saving money and not spending it, your character becomes stingy, and may worsen to selfishness -.- and stuff like that

also... if you dont earn that much but want to spend more on family and friends, what can you do?

it is easy, you can make your money work harder -or think of other ways to earn money...

you have to put work, but its not too difficult to earn extra money. one way is to invest in shares -you can earn, without too much risk ~20% per year...

then, the money you earn can make you more comfortable with spending money on friends and relatives..

the end result is not to worry about money!!
money is just a tool to help us love our loved ones; if you make and spend money wisely, then it is no longer a problem and you dont even have to think about it!

ps: this is european money