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Sunday, April 17, 2005

take care of your health...

topic #1, sickness

When you are not sick... you never take taking care of yourself seriously... its only once you are sick that you regret. lessons like this... -we tend to not learn it until we have felt the pain...

but surely you have been sick before and so you must understand it---

so.. taking care of yourself is important; but more importantly, you can learn to take care of others!

some things to keep in mind:

*you need to keep warm during the day, but not too hot too -watch your clothing

*when you sleep, it may get cold during the night -that happened to me and I got sick -.-''' so wear a little bit more, and dont rely on your blanket so much... then even if you are already sleeping, you will automatically grab your blanket if it gets cold

*dont eat too many chips, ice cream, and junk food... it may taste good so you can eat a little... but your body will get weaker. anyways, eating a little is good because you just want the taste

*exercise... -.-'''

*drink more water!

*listen to your body... can you feel your body? your body is alive, and is constantly striving to live- at the momeny, I can feel the level of energy in my body; my body is struggling and trying to fight off the virus(sore throat) and its working very hard

topic #2, phone

how come it sometimes is hard to phone someone?
need to think of this...

but... mobile phone is expensive isnt it... but i think its worth it...

...if mobile phone call home phone, friend on home phone pays cheap fee?
but mobile call mobile both not cheap..

we can be shy in this aspect too...
this is a challenge, gogogo -.-'''