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Friday, June 23, 2006

To come, go, and to have returned

Dear friends,

A lot has happened in the world -of which I am only a small portion. But sometimes I wonder what the importance is of each person. When does a person become important in the world? Why is importance important?

Anyway, some topics

(1) Closer to an answer of "whats the point"

I think the meaning of life lies with being important. Being important to people who are you family and friends, being important to people who you work for, being important for the community, and, as a fundamental belief, being important for the world (this is a bit sassy).

It boils down to finding who you are, and trying to find meaning in what you do with your life. Most people want to earn money? Why do you want to earn money? To have a house and to live comfortably? Why do you want to live for? (and why would you want to sacrifice happiness to earn money so that you can buy happiness -which you cant)

To sum it all up really is that the most important thing is to know how to walk. Although I dislike Mao, I agree with this "A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step". All we need is to start walking and keep walking. To start asking ourselves questions, to find answers, to ask more questions -not to be enveloped in fear (which is the basis)- but to overcome fear and security.

But, as for myself, I'm crap.

(2) Testament of Solomon

Excerpt from Wikipedia:
a) Do you believe in God?
If yes, then you believe in demons and angels: Is this a fair corollary (sp)?
b) Can demons and angels be summoned?
c) If yes, is it a bad or a good thing?
d) Whether it is a bad or a good thing, if it can be done consistently why wont religious groups use it to persuade Athiests?
e) How does the testament of solomon fit in with bibilical texts?

Testament of Solomon
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The "Testament of Solomon" is an Old Testament pseudepigraphical work, purportedly written by King Solomon, in which Solomon mostly describes particular demons whom he enslaved to help build the temple, the questions he put to them about their deeds and how they could be thwarted, and their answers, which provide a kind of self-help manual against demonic activity. The author is obviously a Christian. The date of the text is uncertain, perhaps 1st century to 3rd century; regardless, it is certainly the oldest surviving work that is particularly concerned with individual demons.

When a demon named Ornias harasses a young lad (who is favorite of Solomon) by stealing half his pay and sucking out his vitality through the lad's thumb, Solomon prays in the temple and receives from the archangel Michael a ring with a seal on it which will enable him to command the demons (c.f. Seal of Solomon). Solomon lends the ring to the lad who by throwing the ring at the demon Ornias stamps him with the seal and brings him under control. Then Solomon orders the demon Ornias to take the ring and similarly imprint the prince of demons who is Beelzeboul/Beelzebul.

With Beelzebul under his command Solomon now has the entire race of demons at his bidding to build the temple. Beelzebul reveals he was formerly the highest ranking angel and so equates to Satan, a name that does not appear in this work.

Most of the rest of the work contains Solomon's interviews with the demons, some who are quite grotesque, including one in the shape of a dog and another who has no head and sees through its breasts. Two demons associated strongly with sexuality appear amongst them - Asmodeus from the Book of Tobit, and a female demon named Obyzouth, identical to Lilith in all but name, including the strangling of newborn children. But most of the other demons are otherwise unknown by name from other works even though this does not seem to be new lore but a bundling of various bits of demon-lore from mixed sources.

Some of the demons mention their personal opponent in terms that indicate a future Christ, and, together with its late dating - 100-400 AD - this is one of the reasons that scholars consider it to have been written under Christian influence.

In Chapter 18 the demons of the 36 decans appear with names that sometimes seem to be conscious distortions of the traditional names for the decans and claim responsibility mostly for various ailments and pains. They provide the magical formulae by which they may be banished. For example, the thirty-third demon is Rhyx Phtheneoth who causes sore throat and tonsilitis and can be driven off by writing the word Leikourgos on ivy leaves and heaping them into a pile.

Solomon's final demon encounter involves sending a servant boy with his ring to take captive a wind demon who is harassing the land of Arabia. The boy is to hold a wineskin against the wind with the ring in front of it, and then tie up the bag when it is full. The boy succeeds in his task and returns with the wineskin. The imprisoned demon calls himself Ephippas and it is by his power that a corner stone, rejected as too large, is raised into the entrance of the temple, which purportedly explains Psalm 118.22:

The stone that the builders rejected
has become the head stone of the corner.
This is Yahweh's doing;
it is wonderful in our eyes.

Then Ephippas and another demon from the Red Sea bring a miraculous column made of something purple (translation obscure) from out of the Red Sea. This Red Sea demon reveals himself as Amelouith who claimed to be the demon who supported the Egyptian magicians against Moses and who hardened Pharaoh's heart but had been caught with the Egyptian host when the sea returned and held down by this pillar until Ephippas came and together they could lift it.

There follows a short conclusion in which Solomon describes how he fell in love with a Shunammite woman and agreed to worship Rephan and Moloch (from Acts 7.43, itself quoted from Amos 5.26). Solomon agrees to sacrifice to them, but only sacrifices the blood of locusts considering that to be nothing. But the spirit of God departs from him.

Despite the positive/neutral presentation she is given in the Bible, the Testament of Solomon presents the Queen of Sheba as a witch, indicating that the author had an awareness of Jewish tradition, which had argued the same.

For later writings concerned with different kinds of demons see Classification of the demons.

(3) Self Questions

What are your questions to these I wonder (you can keep them to yourself). I'm working on them too.

a) Why are you reading this?

b) Are you afriad of reading this?

c) Do you question yourself often?

d) Do you have to explain yourself to others?

e) Normally, do you make decisions on your own?

f) Do you find it hard to concentrate?

g) Are you wondering what the point of this is?

h) What would you rather be doing?

i) Would that make you happy?

j) Would you be happy doing that in say 10 years time?

k) Who is someone you admire?

l) What do you admire them for?

m) Do you think you can achieve what they did?

n) Have you tried to achieve what they did?

o) What stops you from doing what you want to?

p) What can you do to overcome whatever stops you?

q) Are there some things you really can't do?

r) Have you considered the use of other people's time and knowledge to help you?

s) In the end if you find it impossible, do you still persist?

t) Is giving up acceptable to you?

u) Are you happy with having the choice to continue or to give up?

v) Are there other goals that you have sacrificed along the way?

x) How do you feel about missing out on some things in life because of other things?

y) Who can do it?

z) Are you happy?


If you have read this, thank you for your time. I hope I havent wasted your time and I hope that you have found some sense yourself somehow.

I wish you well in finding what you want to find..

It's time to turn off the computer and sleep.

It's nice to dream of food that tomorrow brings. Life is like a box of chocolate as they say.


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